GS1 Business-to-Consumer (B2C)

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 Version 1.1 documents

          GS1 Source (TSD) 1.1 GS1 Standard 
          GS1 Source (TSD) Product Data Modules 1.1 
          GS1 Source (TSD) 1.1 Schemas

Version 1.0 documents

          GS1 Trusted Source of Data (TSD) 1.0 Standard
          GS1 TSD 1.0 Schemas

GS1 B2C Digital Coupons Management Standard
This document is a GS1 normative specification that defines version 1.0 of the Digital Coupon Management standard. Version 1.0 specification provides business partners with a common basis for creating a secure and reliable management process for managing digital coupons.

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