McKinsey Healthcare

A new and independent report
by McKinsey & Company has estimated the benefits
- in lives and value - of implementing one single global standard in Healthcare


Download McKinsey Healthcare Report

The McKinsey & Company report, voicing the view of 80 thought leaders in the Healthcare industry, highlights the need to align on a single global standard to ensure patient safety and explains the urgency of driving adoption across all supply chain stakeholders.

Key highlights are as follows:

  • The research has revealed "that implementing global standards across the entire healthcare supply chain could save 22-43,000 lives and avert 0.7 to 1.4 million patient disabilities."
  • Addressing counterfeit drugs, a major and ever growing problem for public health and industry, the report concludes that "rolling-out standards based systems could prevent tens of billions of dollars’ worth of counterfeit drugs from entering the legitimate supply chain."
  • At the same time, it states that "global standards could enable substantial safety benefits and enable healthcare cost reduction of $40-100 billion". Once adopted, global standards benefits will span over all the supply chain stakeholders from manufacturers to patients.
  • "The healthcare industry faces a potentially costly patchwork of requirements. Over the long term this patchwork could become unworkable. The adoption of a single set of global standards will cost significantly less than two and far less than three or more".

Download GS1 "A Global Cure for Healthcare" leaflet