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How GDSN works

The GS1 Global Data Synchronisation Network® (GDSN) enables trading partners to automatically share their business data with each other. This means organisations can have confidence that when one of their suppliers or retailers updates their database, their own database is similarly updated as a result. Everyone has access to the same continuously refreshed data.

For this to happen, each organisation needs to join a data pool certified and tested by GS1, who connect to the GS1 Global Registry®, a central directory which keeps track of connections, guarantees the uniqueness of data and ensures compliance with shared GS1 standards.

There are many data pools spread across the world.


Global Data Synchronization Network

Business benefits

  • Allows the end customer to access trusted and real-time product information
  • Complies more effectively with nutrition and healthcare  standards and regulations
  • Eliminates manual processes and reduces errors
  • Cuts down on data management time errors and reduces distribution costs
  • Brings new products to market quickly and simply