1.1.2: Identifying a function

Structural Rule

A function is an organisational subdivision or department based on the specific tasks being performed, as defined by the organisation.
A function must be allocated its own GLN when its business purpose is different from other functions or more specific than other functions, and there is a business need to identify the function across organisations.
Information associated with the function GLN will include the related legal entity and may include the contact details (visiting address, email address, phone number, etc.), tax registration numbers (e.g. VAT number), and financial account information.


Trading partners need to be able to distinguish the function from other functions.


If no functions are defined, the legal entity GLN is assumed to represent all functions of the organisation.


Company with 3 departments with no requirement for separate identification, therefore all use GLN A (the GLN of the legal entity).
Company with 3 departments, one of them identified with separate GLN B. All other departments use GLN A (the GLN of the legal entity), since there is no requirement for separate identification.
Two vessels of the same company, identified as production units for traceability purposes.