1.2.1: Identifying a physical sub-location

Structural Rule

A physical sub-location is a specific space within a physical location. Examples include floors, rooms, shelf locations and areas around a building such as yards.
The GLN + GLN Extension Component may be used to identify areas within a physical location identified with the same GLN.


In tracking & tracing and inventory management applications, the visibility of movements across internal locations may be required. The GLN + GLN Extension Component enables identification of such locations without assigning separate GLNs.


■ The main master data (e.g. the access address) is identical for all sub-locations identified with a GLN extension components, since it is defined at GLN level. If a sub-location has different master data a core GLN should be assigned.
■ When a sub-location is used in instructions to trading partners a core GLN should be assigned to that location. See also rule 1.2.2


The table below illustrates the values in barcode and EPC URN format, based on GLN A with value 9501101530003:

(414)9501101530003(254)1 ==> urn:epc:sgln:950110153.000.1
(414)9501101530003(254)2 ==> urn:epc:sgln:950110153.000.2
(414)9501101530003(254)3 ==> urn:epc:sgln:950110153.000.3
etc. etc.