1.2.2: Transactional use of GLN extension component

Structural Rule

The GLN extension may be used in transactions only where there is mutual agreement between all trading partners involved and where the transactional standard being used supports the GLN extension.


The GLN extension is an optional GLN feature for sub-dividing a physical location according to rules internal to the location itself. Not all trading partners are able to differentiate locations using the GLN extension component in their transactional systems (e.g. order management, ERP). Similarly, transactional support for the GLN extension is limited or not available at this time. It is therefore recommended that the GLN without the extension component be used in transactions. This rule acknowledges the nature of the GLN extension (mutual agreement only) and the potential that it may be supported in future transactional standards where business requirements justify its introduction as an open standard.


In this example, the intent is to instruct a supplier to deliver the goods to a specific dock door. Due to the lack of support in transactional systems and standards, it is not recommended to use the extension component for this purpose. Rather, individual GLNs should be assigned to each dock door.