2.3.2: GLNs of legal entities being merged or acquired

Same GLN
Inactive GLN

When two or more legal entities merge, one of the existing GLNs can be retained for the identification of the new legal entity (see Note). The other GLNs will need to be marked as representing inactive legal entities.
In cases where a legal entity acquires another legal entity, but both legal entities remain active, both can maintain their GLNs.


If the original legal entities remain active, trading partners that continue to interact with that legal entity do not need to be informed of a change.


The new legal entity will need become the licensee of the GS1 Company Prefix (GCP) or individually assigned GLN. Contact your GS1 member organisation for more information.


Companies interacting with “A” are not confronted with a change. However, companies interacting with “B” will be confronted with a new GLN (from their perspective).