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GS1 Strategy

What is GS1?

GS1 is a neutral, not-for-profit standards organisation that helps companies do business across the world.

115 local Member Organisations

More than 2 million companies use GS1 standards

100 million products carry GS1 barcodes

6 billion GS1 barcodes scanned daily

Together, GS1…

Sees one vision

Speaks with one voice

Acts as one organisation

Purpose & Beliefs

GS1 believes in the power of standards to transform the way we work and live.

We create a common foundation for business by uniquely identifying, accurately capturing and automatically sharing vital information about products, locations and assets.

We enable visibility through the exchange of authentic data.

We empower business to grow and to improve efficiency, safety, security and sustainability.

We are:

Global Values


Organisation & Roles

Core Competencies

Best-in-Class Standards Development

Effectively manage the global, user-driven development and implementation process to deliver high-quality, easy-to-implement standards to industry and solution providers

Unique Identification

Provide a system of unambiguous numbers to identify goods, services, assets and locations in support of automated and secure supply chain processes

Global Reach

Maintain and develop a global network of national affiliates which deliver high-quality, standards-oriented services to their members

Cross-Cultural Communication

Develop and maintain a broad range of communication capabilities which enable effective two-way communications between GS1, its affiliates, its membership and the wider community

Standards, Services & Solutions


GS1 Identification Numbers


GS1 Data Carriers


GS1 Data Exchange

GS1 Global Priorities

Global Strategic Focus Areas

GS1 objective is to deliver value to our stakeholders

Standards Adoption

Drive adoption of GS1 Standards. Develop value propositions and best practices for key processes by sector. Drive and measure adoption of GS1 KPIs by key users and GS1 Member Organisations.

Multi-Sectorial Approach

Provide world-class service to our core sectors (Retail, Healthcare and Transport & Logistics). Integrate new sectors that can leverage GS1 Standards and add value to our core sectors and to GS1 Member Organisations.

Sustainable Business Model

Define the future business model for the services and solutions identified in our long-term vision.


Align the strategies of the Management Boards of GS1 and GS1 Member Organisations. Ensure senior executive-level representation at the global and MO Management Boards to maintain a strategic business perspective.


Maintain close strategic working relationships with The Consumer Goods Forum and other leading industry associations.

Build GS1 Brand Equity and Awareness

Continue to increase the awareness of GS1’s vision, strategies and standards, as well as strengthening the simplicity and consistency of the message.

Ensure an Integrated Portfolio of Products and Solutions

Ensure the integrity and consistency of the GS1 System through a holistic GS1 Architecture.

Strengthen Strategic Alliances

Determine as a community which partnerships can deliver the most benefit to our users. Focus on optimising these mutually beneficial relationships.

Support Public Policy Developments

Maintain an open and productive dialogue with legislative, regulatory, media and other key constituencies.

Be an Interdependent Federation

Build a community that Sees One Vision, Speaks with One Voice about that vision and Acts as One Organisation consistent with that vision.

See one vision

Speak with one voice

Act as one organisation

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