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Airfield Estate, a charitable trust and working farm, is designed to facilitate active learning focused on food, farming and the land. A complete farm-to-consumer experience has been created that educates the public at all stages of the food journey, linking healthy soils to animals and plants and food production. To support its mission, the farm wanted to provide accessible product data to consumers, enabling them to be more informed about its milk product.

To increase the transparency of milk’s journey, Airfield Estate implemented cow-to-consumer traceability and advanced labelling throughout its milk production process. The farm implemented GS1 standards and fTRACE, a cloud-based solution for batch-specific product traceability, on its milk labels.

Intelligent barcodes are used on Airfield’s milk labels that encode production information and fTRACE-provided traceability data in a closed loop production and sales environment. An fTRACE URL is embedded in a QR code, displaying the milk’s traceability data to consumers and linking directly to the fTRACE website and data source. A GS1 two-dimensional (2D) DataMatrix barcode is included for closed-loop proof of concept, which incorporates food waste and product recall.

This data gives Airfield Estate the ability to display and educate stakeholders on the implementation of full supply chain traceability and smart barcode data—all in one location. The traceability solution has also helped Airfield improve stock management and prevent food waste with the use of expiry dates. With the scan of the QR code on the intelligent label, consumers are better informed. And, with data provided with the scan of the DataMatrix barcode, Airfield can execute faster product recalls, if needed, increasing consumer safety.

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