C-IoT and Blockchain featured in Global Public Policy Work Group call

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On 11 April, the Public Policy Work Group held its fifth conference call. Please note that all presentations and meeting minutes are available in the Public Policy section of the MO Zone.

This quarter’s call featured a presentation on the Consumer Internet of Things (C-IoT) by Kevin Stark, a member of the Global Office Innovation Team. The group had an interesting discussion about where GS1 can go with the C-IoT and we look forward to sharing more information with you as use cases are developed with GS1 users.

Robert Beideman, Global Office Vice President Retail, took us through some easy to understand slides explaining blockchain technology and then into an interesting discussion of the hype around blockchain and how GS1 fits in. Most helpful was the exchange around “how to talk about blockchain”, since we all need the right messages for our regulators.