GS1 at World Codification Forum 2017

GS1 Global and GS1 Australia, in partnership with NATO and the Australian Department of Defence, are gold sponsors of the World Codification Forum 2017. 

The World Codification Forum 2017 – “Connecting Global Logistics Through Technology” is being held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, 24-25 May. The theme is the role and use of the cohesive and connected NATO Codification System as a vital key enabler in the enhanced support of the Service Member. 

The Forum will concentrate on improving the quality of supplier data, greater interconnectivity between all partners, opportunity for suppliers and consumers, and ultimately better material identification by those involved in the logistics chain.

The NATO Codification System is a common language enabling global identification of material and equipment, irrespective of the native tongue of the user. It gives nations the ability to identify and secure replacement parts quickly, manage their inventories and provide collateral support to partners, thereby ensuring the continuous availability of military capability. 

The system also reduces confusion over the naming of items by providing an extensive, definitive naming scheme. There are over 17 million NATO stock numbers associated with part references from 50 countries updated daily. The NATO database contains 37 million manufacturer part numbers and specifications, and 3 million registered suppliers and vendors.

One of the big opportunities identified by NATO is the ability to leverage existing systems, standards and processes already in place and in use by Industry. This is where GS1 has a role in supporting greater efficiency in Defence logistics and codification across the globe.

During the Forum, GS1 will be presenting an Industry View at 3:30pm on 24 May followed by facilitation of an in-depth workshop. Logistics efficiency, inventory management, and product master data exchange in defence will be the key areas of focus.

Our GS1 Global Director for Technical Industries, Enzo Blonk, be delivering the keynote address to NATO delegates.

We would like to encourage GS1 Australia members that supply the Australian Department of Defence or in other NATO countries to attend this event and gain greater insights into the NATO Codification System and the role that GS1 plays.

To register and get more details about the event, visit the website.