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Alibaba and 40 Other e-Commerce Corporations Committed to the Barcode Application in e-Commerce in e-Retailer Business

 GS1 China and ECR China, Alibaba, JD, and 40 additional e-commerce corporations developed a joint proposal for Barcode Application in e-Commerce during the 2015 ECR China Conference. They all committed to the proposal, and applying its tenents in e-retailer businesses. On behalf of all of e-commerce corporations, the representatives from Alibaba and JD announced that they promised to strictly follow the barcode standards, which supports “one item with one barcode.” In addition, these companies asked manufacturers to fill in the production information and submit it on time, based on the rules of ‘China Service Platform on Commodity Information.’ The companies also pledged to check the membership certification for accessing e-commerce platforms, and supervise and urge manufacturers to use barcodes as described in the proposal.

Chenghai ZHANG, the co-chair of ECR China, and president and CEO of GS1 China, noted that as the barcode serves as a product identifier, it provides foundational information, and plays an important role in national business and logistics modernisation developments and foreign trade transactions. Zhang believes that the initiatives outlined in the joint proposal will improve e-commerce and e-retailer business development significantly, driving standardisation and providing better service to customers.

The 2015 ECR China Conference was held in Chengdu, on DATE, and hosted by GS1 China and ECR China. More than 500 delegates and guests from different industries, such as retailers, manufacturers, IT companies, consulting companies, and logistics companies, joined the meeting, designed to communicate and discuss on omni-channel strategies and company transformation.