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The data pool community is taking a lead role in encouraging GDSN Major Release 3 preparedness

GDSN data pool partner 1 WorldSync”See how data pools, such as 1WorldSync, have worked with customers to ensure readiness for the GDSN Major Release 3 May 2016 roll out date.

With just months to go before the launch of GDSN Major Release 3, members of the data pool community, such as 1WorldSync, have been working closely with their customers across a variety of different channels to ensure readiness for the May 2015 release date.

Education and Training

Through presenting education and training programs, data pools are helping customers and their network trading partners understand how to accurately assess the impact of GDSN Major Release 3 on their organisation. For example, 1WorldSync has been holding webinar and classroom sessions on various GDSN topics.

Positive feedback from these programs shows this to be an effective way for participants to understand the implications, challenges and best practices around GDSN Major Release 3, plus give them valuable information they can take back to their organisations and integrate into budgeting, planning and scope for their update preparations.

User Engagement and Outreach

As the user community will be on the front lines in helping their organisations prepare and implement GDSN Major Release 3, data pools are working to support them. For instance, GDSN Major Release 3 was a topic of focus at the 1WorldSync Annual User Group EU and ECR TAG events. At these forums, GDSN Major Release 3 materials like white papers and fact sheets were distributed and experts were on hand to discuss any readiness questions with community members.

Access to Test Environments

Besides ensuring their own systems will be ready for the GDSN update, data pools are creating and allowing access to test environments that will enable data sources and recipients to test and confirm that their systems and processes will be ready as well. This includes pre-production environments that will also allow users to become familiar with GDSN Major Release 3.

Data pools understand that getting ready for the release of GDSN Major Release 3 is a shared effort. That’s why they are committed to doing their part to work with organisations to make the process successful. If you have questions about preparing for GDSN Major Release 3, contact your data pool.