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European standardisation in the making!

GS1 in Europe signed the Joint Initiative on Standardisation on 20 September. The next day we attended our first meeting of the Steering Group in Brussels.

GS1 in Europe plays a role in shaping the future of European Standardisation

The European Commission is counting on GS1 in Europe to actively support and get involved in this unique platform to speed up the European standardisation system, modernise it and better prioritise the challenges ahead.

“The best standard is the one you do not see”, said DG Growth’s Hein Bollens and Jean-François Aguinaga, as GS1 signed the Joint Initiative on Standardisation (JIS).

Getting a seat at the table

GS1 in Europe was present at the Steering Group meeting in Brussels on 21 September where the Initiative’s 15 Actions were presented [the latest version of the document will be uploaded in the coming days].

The next meeting of the Steering Group will take place on the 29 September in Brussels. On that same day, all EU Member States will also sign the Initiative during an EU Council meeting in Brussels. The complete list of actions and the participants involved will be presented and formally tabled on 13 and 14 October in Frankfurt at the occasion of “World Standards Day”.

GS1 in Europe will be present on that occasion as well. So stay tuned!

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