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GDSN Major Release 3 at 2016 Global Forum

GS1 Global Forum 2016, GS1’s largest annual event, will offer different opportunities for the GDSN community to learn more about the Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN) and the preparations for GSDN Major Release 3.


Participate in the GDSN MJR3 workshop at Global Forum 

“How the community is preparing for GDSN Major Release 3” 

Sharing experiences of getting ready to implement for the Major Release. This workshop, led by facilitator Alan Hyler of GS1, will take place Monday, 22 February with the participation of:


Steve Robba                              Director of Global Standards at 1WorldSync
Joke Op den Acker                    Lead Data Manager at GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg
Nicolas Collignon                       Data Manager at GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg
Staffan Olsson                           Head of Business Services at GS1 Sweden

All involved in GDSN implementations are invited to attend.


Visit the GDSN booth

During the market place on Tuesday, 23 February,  there will be a booth dedicated to GDSN and GSDN Major Release 3.  Stop by booth #24 to get materials, ask questions and talk to our subject matter experts.


To find out more, visit the GS1 Global Forum 2016 website at