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GDSN Major Release Community Announcement - August 2015


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Major Release Milestones:

Key milestones:

  • Standards Development – In Progress
    • Validation Rules – In Progress
    • Business Message Standards (BMS) – In Progress
    • Global Product Classification (GPC) –  In Progress 
      • GPC is published twice per year, with each release deployed to GDS six months after publication. Because of the GDS MR 3.X, the GDSN deployment of GPC will not change for the following two GPC releases:
        • Dec-2014 (Deployed to GDS in Dec-2015)
        • Dec-2015 (Deployed to GDS in Dec-2016)
          GDSN Major Release 3 Data Pool Solution Provider Activities Chart for August

      Global Product Classification (GPC) Dec-2014 Publication
      • A new version of the GPC Standard has been published and is due for implementation into the GDSN Network in the near future. This implementation of GPC brings valuable new content such as new Bricks to expand classification in Vegetable/Plant Oil, Cosmetics, Sugar/Sugar Substitutes, Snacks, Ready-Made Meals, Meat & Poultry, Lottery Scratch Cards, Children’s Activity Based Books, Sweet Curd Cheese, and Fresh Fruits/Vegetables.
        Link to Global Product Classification Standards
  • Efficient Codelists (ECL) – In Progress

Below are high level activities that the community should be tracking for the Major Release. For more information about the GDSN Major Release click here: GDSN Major Release Website

Data Pool Activities

Data Pools should currently be engaging in readiness assessment with trading partners.

GDSN Major Release 3 Data Pool Solution Provider Activities Chart for August
May June August July Sept – April May 2016

Trading Partners Activities

Trading Partners should currently be working with their Data Pool to develop an action plan.

GDSN Major Release 3 Trading Partner Activities Chart for August
May June August July Sept – April May 2016

GDSN Activities

GDSN has launched the 3.1 Beta Environment for Data Pools to begin testing with their communities.

GDSN Major Release 3 GDSN Activities Chart for August
May June July - March April May 2016

GDSN is working with all Data Pools to track their readiness and their ability to implement in May 2016



End of the Month Publications for GDSN Migration Documents

GDSN Major Release Migration Documentation will be updated as changes occur and will be published to the website at the end of each month.  This section of the community announcement will reflect the documents that have been updated and posted to the website along with any upcoming publications.

The Following Documents were posted to the website end of July:

Upcoming Publications:

  • Nutrition Claims Data Migration


GDSN Upcoming Events

GS1 Standards Event - GDSN User Group Meeting - Warsaw, Poland Click here for more information!


For more Information about the Major Release

Please contact us at: GDSN@GS1.ORG