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GDSN Major Release Community Announcement - May 2016



GDSN Major Release 3 Migration Week webpage is here!


The GDSN Major Release 3 migration webpage has been successfully launched. The webpage will have daily updates regarding network activities, News, FAQs, Tips and Tricks and monitoring the GDSN Network migration status. 

The webpage can be accessed here Migration Webpage



Helpdesk Support during Migration Week


During the migration week of May 20-26 all Trading Partners should escalate any migration issues directly to their Data Pool.  Data Pools will be responsible to engage GDSN support for issues that impact the network. Each GDSN inquiry will be assigned a ticket number for reference.

For critical issues only please copy Sean Lockhead and Alan Hyler




Major Release Network Timing


On May 26th 1300h EDT – GDSN will be interoperable for all network messaging.
Trading Partners can send messages at this time. Trading Partners should confirm with their Data Pool any activity prior to 1300h EDT.





Daily Trading Partner calls for the Major Release 

GS1 is hosting daily calls for trading partners where all Major Release topics can be raised and discussed for immediate attention.  All trading partners are welcome to attend the call.


20 May Friday 1000h EDT

21 May Saturday 0900h EDT
22 May Sunday 0900h EDT
23 May Monday 0900h EDT
24 May Tuesday 0900h EDT
25 May Wednesday 0900h EDT
26 May Thursday 0900h EDT
27 May Friday 0900h EDT


Please use the Go to Meeting link for all scheduled calls.

Go To Meeting link


Dates to be confirmed

28 May Saturday 0900h EDT 
29 May Sunday 0900h EDT
30 May Monday 0900h EDT





This section of the community announcement will reflect the documents that have been updated and posted to the website.

NOTE: All standards documentation is frozen until after the Major Release


The Following Documents were posted / updated to the website in May 2016 all document reflect the latest version based on their publication date:

To view the document please click the document name below



Fast Track Attributes

Approved Attributes for use with MjR 3.1 (16 May 2016)


The changes are the following:


Tab: “AVPs Sunset At MjR"
rowID 31 : Changed the migration path for the AVP "doesTradeItemContainBPA" from

"nonfoodIngredientCodeOfConcernCode/BPA_HFR" to

"nonfoodIngredientCodeOfConcernCode/BPA" as BPA is not a halogenated flame retardant.


Tab: “CL NonfoodIngredientOfConcernCode"
Added missing code value "BPA" to this codelist. Required for rowId 31 in AVPs Sunset At Major release.


For addition documents related to the Major Release visit our website at






  • GDSN Major Release Migration Documentation updates are published monthly
  • Migration Documentation can be accessed here. All document reflect the latest version based on their publication date
  • The Globally Master Data Standards Maintenance Group (GMD SMG) weekly conference call is every Tuesday from 9:00 – 11:00 it is dedicated as the forum for discussion and resolution of these questions.  Please join!
  • GDSN Major Release 3 Frequently asked Questions (FAQ’s) are available on the GDSN website. New and updated Major Release 3 FAQ’s will be posted to the website at the beginning of each month leading up and after the Major Release to assist users with implementation. To view all GDSN Major Release 3 FAQs Click here.




GS1 Industry and Standards Event
Brussels, Belgium (3-7 October 2016)