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GS1 and The Consumer Goods Forum collaborate to launch new quick start guide

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quick start guide to help all CPG companies benefit from GTIN ubiquity, Verified by GS1 and the GS1 Global Data Model

The Consumer Goods Forum’s Product Data Coalition and GS1 are proud to launch a joint quick start guide aimed at helping all CPG companies benefit from GTIN Ubiquity, Verified by GS1 and the GS1 Global Data Model. Working together, the ultimate goal of these three strategic initiatives is to ensure all products are represented as well in the digital world as they are in the physical world.

Today more than ever, making an industry effort around GTIN Ubiquity, Verified by GS1 and the GS1 Global Data Model is mission critical. Not only are consumers and trading partners demanding more and better product data than ever before, the COVID-19 crisis has spurred faster e-commerce growth that has amplified the challenges we all face in today’s data exchange processes. The impact of poor-quality product information and unnecessary costs has never been more damaging.

To address this friction, the quick start guide breaks down participation in the three initiatives into 10 easy-to-understand steps that any Consumer Goods company can follow:

    GTIN ubiquity: All products uniquely identified with a GS1 GTIN (Global Trade Item Number)

  1. Understand your data requirements and onboard your organization
  2. Get a GS1 GTIN (barcode)
  3. Verified by GS1: A verifiable “ID card” for every product

  4. Prepare the seven core product attributes in scope for Verified by GS1
  5. Upload your data into the GS1 Registry Platform
  6. Start retrieving the data and verify products’ identity
  7. GS1 Global Data Model (GDM): Sharing foundational product information

  8. Conduct attribute analysis between GDM and internal data model
  9. Revise your product master data
  10. Launch pilot with selected business partners
  11. Adjust for complete rollout
  12. Roll out with all business partners

Ultimately, the quick start guide will help drive awareness of these three strategic initiatives, and act as a call to action to the industry.

Download the quick start guide

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