The Global Language of Business

GS1 on Chinese TV seen by millions

During the GS1 General Assembly in Hangzhou, China, on 15 May, GS1 Executives held a press conference in front of Chinese media. It was broadcasted to millions of viewers all around the country.

Interviewed during the General Assembly

CCTV, the national channel, and Zhejiang Satellite TV interviewed Miguel Lopera, Chenghai Zhang, CEO GS1 China, Hassan El Kalla, Chairman GS1 Egypt, Elzbieta Halas, CEO GS1 Poland, Wai Leong Liew, CEO GS1 Singapore, and Colin Robertson, Chairman GS1 New Zealand.

They explained how GS1 standards adoption has expanded worldwide and how GS1 standards improve the efficiency, safety and visibility of supply chains across physical and digital channels.

The Hangzhou Statement

During the General Assembly, GS1 and GS1 China signed the Hangzhou Statement around the Belt and Road Initiative. It promotes the use of GS1 standards along the Initiative. The Chinese Government launched the Belt and Road Initiative in late 2013, it is a development plan best known for large-scale infrastructure projects.

Chinese media reported on the value of the Hangzhou Statement signed by Miguel Lopera and Chenghai Zeng which enhances the commitment of GS1 and GS1 China to continue playing a role in providing global standards for business communication.

Chinese media also interviewed four Member Organisations CEOs (GS1 Egypt, GS1 Poland, GS1 Singapore and GS1 New Zealand) on their specific commitment as important countries along the Belt and Road Initiative. GS1 on Chinese TV seen by millions