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GS1 joins the AIPIA* Virtual Congress on 10 September 2020

*Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry Association

GS1 is excited to join the AIPIA Virtual Congress and share how GS1 Digital Link can enable every active and intelligent packaging solution!

Join GS1 and a panel of industry experts at the AIPIA Virtual Congress

You will learn how 1D and 2D barcodes can already be used on every product as a gateway to digital experiences. How GS1 Digital Link can connect a physical product to a wide range of online and offline applications with just a scan of the same barcode on the pack? How and why are manufacturers now including GS1 identifiers in the URLs encoded in QR and NFC tags? How can a single data carrier link to multiple different resources for multiple consumer interactions and supply chain processes at the same time? All this in a non-proprietary system that anyone can use, all based on the GS1 Digital Link global standard.

Robert Beideman, Chief Product Officer, GS1 talks about GS1 Digital Link in his interview to AIPIA