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GS1 Poland is helping to make shopping easier for the visually impaired

GS1 Poland’s product database, eProdukty, provides high-quality, trustworthy data to Asisto, an app designed to help consumers with visual impairments identify items on store shelves.

Asisto is a mobile app that serves as a personal assistant for visually impaired individuals. Using artificial intelligence and cutting-edge image interpretation technology, the app is able to precisely locate and identify products on store shelves. This eliminates the need for assistance from other people when shopping, helping to bolster independence and reduce social exclusion.

GS1 has collaborated with Asisto to supply product images for over 30 million products

Asisto learns to recognise the characteristic features of a product by comparing images captured through a camera on a smart device to existing reference images. As such, the technology relies on an enormous database of professional product photography supplied by GS1 Poland eProdukty, which contains information on more than 30 million products.

The collaboration between GS1 and Asisto proves that cross-sector solutions can deliver benefits for all different kinds of people—and that a sustainable economy rests on reliable data.

The Asisto app was developed with a grant from the social innovation incubator, Accessibility Generator, a project that supports innovative Polish solutions that improve accessibility. The team is now seeking help in collecting data with the use of smartphones and the AsistoV app. The app's newest version can be downloaded from the Google Play store.

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