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GS1 services, now grouped in a dedicated section

We recently made a major move on our website by creating a new section called Services. It features nine different services and tools, including data services. 

Introducing GS1 Services















Clearer organisation, improved visibility for services

This Services section is now directly accessible from the top navigation menu and at the same level of the pre-existing sections, Standards, Industries, About us and News & Events.

The content of this section features nine data services, financial services and tools:

The aim of this section: making these nine already-existing services more accessible to you, our users, and also having a clearer organisation within the standards section, where those services where stored before.

GS1 services make adoption of our standards easier and more impactful to your business.

Better accessibility via search engine

We reviewed the content in some of the most visited services to improve the quality of the information. We trust this will raise their visibility on search engines, for users to find them more easily.

This update reflects the increasingly important role that services play in our offer. We will develop the section more in the coming months, in particular on GS1 Cloud and GDSN.