The Global Language of Business

GS1 Standards Event joins GS1 Connect 2019 in Denver

GS1’s neutral, globally recognised standards development process starts and ends with industry users—whether they are from a large global company or a small business.

Everyone shares a seat at the table, ensuring that all voices are heard and have an equal role in shaping the future of industry. Together, work group members solve common business challenges with a new GS1 standard or guideline—sometimes even piloting the solution.

Shaping the future of standards, together

Companies facing similar business challenges come together each year at the GS1 Global Standards Event. It's here that standards development work group members move their work forward in a face-to-face setting—and network with other industry leaders.

Standards development and standards "in action", this June attendees can experience BOTH... as the GS1 Global Standards Event joins the GS1 Connect Conference in Denver, Colorado.

As the leading trading partner event, GS1 Connect® showcases how GS1 standards can help meet today’s business challenges and take your business to new heights. Discuss industry best practices, collaborate to improve business processes and strengthen your professional network to drive innovation and growth.

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