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ISQua and GS1 join to improve quality of care in hospitals

ISQua and GS1 have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to promote and enhance quality of care and patient safety on a global scale.

Press Release - Brussels, Belgium, 12 April 2016

The collaboration between ISQua (the International Society for Quality in HealthCare) and GS1, the international standards organisation well known for their barcode standards, will support and encourage the link between hospital accreditation and implementation of harmonised standards for automatic identification of patients, caregivers and products in hospitals.

Providing high quality care is vital for hospitals but can be challenging when facing evermore complex demands through growing workload, new regulations, changing demographics and pathologies and rising costs. This is why hospital accreditors around the world increasingly rely on the use of the ISQua accreditation standards, and the power of the GS1 standards to improve patient safety and address possible process inefficiencies.

‘‘A global approach to quality improvement in healthcare"

Miguel Lopera, GS1 CEO and President stated “engaging in this collaboration is testament to the growing role GS1 standards play in ensuring and maintaining quality within hospitals, by helping to safeguard against errors and create process efficiencies, enabling hospital staff to focus on patient care.”

ISQua is the global leader responsible for assessing the standards of national, regional and global agencies. These accreditation agencies in turn set the benchmarks in healthcare safety and quality for hospitals, and strive to be accredited by ISQua. Local hospitals then proactively choose to work with an ISQua accredited agency to gain the status that provides assurance to their patients and other stakeholders that services offered are to the highest standard of safety and quality.
ISQua CEO, Peter Carter said ‘‘a global approach to quality improvement in healthcare is essential in the interests of patients and their families and a partnership between ISQua and GS1 will bring us closer to achieving this vitally important goal.’’
The vast majority of medicinal products, medical devices and medical consumables used in hospitals and other healthcare facilities, today carry GS1 barcodes enabling safer product administration, ordering, replenishment, recall and traceability. In addition, regulatory agencies and jurisdictions in more than 65 countries acknowledge GS1 standards for medicine and medical device identification. GS1 standards are also the key to patient and caregiver identification, and recognised by ISO and CEN standards (CEN/ISO TS 18530).


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About GS1 Healthcare

GS1 Healthcare is a global, voluntary user community bringing together all Healthcare supply chain stakeholders, including manufacturers, distributors, Healthcare providers, solution providers, regulatory bodies and industry associations. The mission of GS1 Healthcare is to lead the Healthcare sector to the successful development and implementation of global standards by bringing together experts in Healthcare to enhance patient safety and supply chain efficiencies.

GS1 Healthcare members include over 80 leading Healthcare organisations worldwide.

About ISQua

The International Society for Quality in Health Care, is a non-profit, independent organisation with members in over 70 countries. Its mission is to drive continuous improvement in the quality and safety of health care worldwide through education, research, collaboration, skills enhancement and the dissemination of evidence-based knowledge.


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