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Major Release of GS1 XML approved and ratified by the GS1 Board

The GS1 Management Board has recently approved and ratified the newly released GS1 XML Major Release standard version 3.0. This new version is the result of our efforts to respond to user feedback and meet new user requirements. It brings a variety of additions and improvements, including:

  • New Transport & Logistics Business Message Standards, which – because they are based on the Logistics Interoperability Model, LIM – ensure a coherent application of beginning-to-end processes.
  • New Product Recall Business Message Standards, which define the process and information necessary to effectively manage product recalls between trading partners anywhere in the world, communicate product safety issues and stop continued sale or forward logistics.
  • Enhancement of existing GS1 XML messages, including facilitating web EDI application, covering legal requirements on eInvoicing, enabling supply chain standards for the healthcare sector and adding consumer related information; all of which serve to open GS1 XML to new sectors and new functions
  • Simplified and streamlined XML, making the technology simpler to implement and easier to understand by removing non-used features and introducing a more compact and efficient structure. We also aligned to international standards to facilitate cross-sectorial exchange. These changes will elevate GS1 XML from good to great by providing simplicity whilst retaining the power of XML.

GS1 XML 3.0 offers over 25 business message standards supporting the major supply chain processes. 

GS1 XML 2.x already supported:

  • The order-to-cash process
  • Advanced replenishment scenarios, such as supplier managed inventory and consignment inventory
  • Advanced settlement scenarios, such as evaluated receipt settlement and self-billing

GS1 XML 3.0 adds new standards for:

  • Transport planning and transport execution
  • Product recall

Future versions will add:

  • Support for 3rd party warehousing
  • Support for the packaging artwork design process

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GS1 XML Business Message Standards are available for download in the GS1 Standards Knowledge Center