Director Standards Development


Brussels OR Princeton


Standards Development

Reports to: 

Vice President of Standards Development

Position Summary: 

Objectives of  the Position

• Manage and facilitate the development of user driven, consensus based global standard development work groups. 
• This includes managing and overseeing the functioning of diverse groups of user 
   companies and GS1 Member Organisations, providing expert input on: the Global Standards Management Process (GSMP), 
   pertinent business practices and the GS1 system.



 Specific Responsibilities

• Facilitate and ensure that GS1 standards are developed according to the process as defined in the GSMP Manual.
   These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Manage and facilitate work groups to: develop, define and drive the group’s scope and strategy to deliver GS1 standards and implementation guidelines.
  • Ensure consistency in ‘process and compliance’ to anti-trust and Intellectual Property (IP) requirements during meetings, phone calls, emails, etc.
  • Set up and actively facilitate work group meetings and conference calls for any group defined within the GSMP. 
  • Work with group Chairs to prepare for meetings
  • Administration of GSMP work groups such as: post agendas, meeting minutes and other supporting material in a timely manner to the work group’s Community Room.
  • Is the internal “owner” of the work effort materials as they pass through to publication
  • Participate in daily operations of the GSMP Process
  • Escalates issues as defined in the GSMP Manual

• Collaborate with all GS1 organisational teams to:

  • Identify potential chairs for any new Mission Specific Work Group (MSWG) or existing Standards Management Group (SMG)
  • Identify upcoming standards work
  • Develop work effort proposals which go to the GS1 Steering Committees


Skills required: 

• A working knowledge of the GS1 system is required in order to ensure that decisions made by the user groups are in 
   conformance/compliance with and maintain the integrity of the GS1 system.


  •  Strong in the following skill sets: Project management (PMP Certification a plus), Communication, Team Management, Facilitation,
     Presentation, Problem Solving, Negotiation, Conflict Resolution
  •  Ability to work in an international, multilingual and multicultural environment
  •  Fluent in speaking and writing in English. Other languages a plus


How to apply: 

Send your application with CV to:

  • Blue Tower, Avenue Louise 326, bte 10
  • B-1050 Brussels, Belgium 
  • Tel: + 32 2 788 78 00 
  • E-mail: 

Responses will be treated quickly and with strict confidentiality.