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Pioneers in this sector changed how we shop in the physical world of retail—but now they are facing dramatic changes in the digital world of online shopping.


Online grocery shopping has finally taken off, spurring new business models, partnerships and ways of marketing to—and interacting with—customers.

GS1 standards are helping both brand owners and retailers ensure that online product information can be trusted. This is the main ingredient in a healthy consumer relationship. To succeed in this huge and growing market, companies need to view complete and accurate product data as a critical asset.

Who's using our standards in CPG?

Metro and P&G: a collaborative evaluation of Verified by GS1

These two business partners learned how they can use the power of Verified by GS1 to work better and more efficiently together — today and tomorrow.

Friso by Friesland Campina
Friso by Friesland Campina

Friesland Campina wants to share the journey of its infant formula directly with their customers. For their leading infant nutrition brand Friso, they developed together with their consumers.

Supply chain improvement project - A GS1 Australia success story
Supply chain improvement project - A GS1 Australia success story

The Supply Chain Improvement Project aims to increase the visibility of food ingredients and raw materials across supply chains.