Over 40 years ago, CPG retailers helped implement a single standard for product identification- the barcode. What started as a way to speed-up the store checkout, has since become the global language of business.

Today, improved supply chain visibility, accurate product information, product traceability and food safety-made possible by GS1 standards- are enabling the seamless, omni-channel shopping experience that trading partners, regulators and consumers are demanding from the CPG sector. 

Our standards in action

Who's using our standards in CPG?

Tesco and Dairy Crest achieve delivery accuracy rate of 99.5%

Order to cash implementation  at l'Oreal in France

The story of Mammy Jamia's - between the lines

See how GS1 standards are helping small businesses grow

GS1 UniqueID

Omni-channel commerce is built on unique product identification and data sharing that is seamless. 

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