Over 40 years ago, CPG retailers helped implement a single standard for product identification- the barcode. What started as a way to speed-up the store checkout, has since become the global language of business.

Today, improved supply chain visibility, accurate product information, product traceability and food safety-made possible by GS1 standards- are enabling the seamless, omni-channel shopping experience that trading partners, regulators and consumers are demanding from the CPG sector. 

The Story of Rose & Alice

#RetailReady - Brand Owners willing to increase sales in new channels.

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Tesco and Dairy Crest achieve delivery accuracy rate of 99.5%

Order to cash implementation  at l'Oreal in France

The story of Mammy Jamia's - between the lines

See how GS1 standards are helping small businesses grow

GS1 UniqueID

Omni-channel commerce is built on unique product identification and data sharing that is seamless. 

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