Presentations from the week

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Plenary Session 

Plenary Video 

GS1 Innovation Network Project Portfolio

Transport & Logistics in the Digital Age: 

01- MRO/ID in Rail - D. Halbeisen SBB, AG

02- MRO in Rail - Case Study on component mainentenance service - F. Wachendorf, HFG

03- Maritime & Ports industry initiative overview - A. van der Wurff, Maersk

04- Port Call Optimisation - Importance of Good Master Data - B. van Scherpenzeel, Port of Rotterdam

05- Sea traffic management - M. Lind, Viktoria Swedish ICT

06- Piece Level Tracking, C. Hourcade, IATA

07- Piece Level Tracking, M. Rosen, DSV road AB

08- Piece of the action - an airline point of view, B. Heuzeveldt, KLM Cargo

09- Revolutionising Data Capture, C. Floerkemeier, Scandit

10- High sensitivity RFID for tracking assets, H. Min, Auto-ID Lab Fudan 

Lunch & Learn: Public Policy Panel Discussion (not available)

Omni-Channel: GS1 SmartSearch

Technical Industries Workshop - Gaining Interoperability in the Digital Economy:

01- Gaining interoperability in the digital economy / Speedy Services , E. Blonk, GS1 Global Office

02- Tamper proof with Track & Trace, M. Giese, Schaeffler

03- Digital supply chain, use cases for RFID sensors, u. Brandenburg, Robert Bosch GmbH

04- Engagement in mining, B. Ryan, GS1 Australia

05- Actual activities @ GS1 Germany, Standardisation and use (focus rail), D. Duennebacke, GS1 Germany





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