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Visibility: A clear objective for a stronger and safer healthcare system

End-to-end traceability leveraging unique product identification and serialisation is a powerful strategy being driven by the World Bank and USAID in developing countries.

These organisations are working to implement GS1 standards as a way to strengthen healthcare systems and improve family planning programmes in the developing countries.

Tom Woods, Chairman of the Global Steering Committee (GSC) for Quality Assurance, World Bank, confirmed that the GSC aims to avoid a patchwork of different standards and systems as they plan to implement track and trace capabilities using global standards.
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Dr. Ramy Guirguis, Senior Information Technology Advisor, USAID Bureau for Global Health, followed by sharing how USAID in collaboration with other donor organisations is working with national authorities and suppliers to implement GS1 standards for capturing and sharing data about pharmaceutical drugs. “We can gain greater visibility of drugs as they travel across our supply chain,” explained Dr. Guirguis. “And with a common data platform, we can make timely decisions to avoid out-of-stock situations and save lives.”
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