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Global GS1 Healthcare Conference

4th-6th October 2011, Amsterdam, Netherlands

This page contains:

Programme & Participant List



Plenary session

Expert sessions & Roundtables

  1. Welcome - Paul Voordeckers (GS1 Global Office), Caspar Botter(GS1 Nederland)
  2. Opening Keynote Speech - Dr. Ajit Shetty (Johnson & Johnson)
  3. The European perspective on the unique device system - Laurent Sellès (European Commission)
  4. The US FDA perspective on the unique device system - Jay Crowley (US FDA)
  5. The Australian eHealth Supply Chain Reform Programme - From Implementation to Innovation with Inspiration - Mark Brommeyer (NEHTA)
  6. GS1 in the Dutch Hospitals - Drs. Els C.M. van der Wilden-van Lier (ZGT)
  7. Case study: Medication safety: Tweestedenziekenhuis,Tilburg - Rinske Pauw, Ronald van Lienden (Tweestedenziekenhuis)
  8. Case study: The missing link in patient safety - Thomas De Rijdt (UZ Leuven)
  9.  Case study: G-Standaard Logic - Bart Diederen (Z-Index)
  10. Combining forces to protect patients from counterfeit medicines and pharmaceutical crime - Dr. François-Xavier Lery (EDQM)
  11. Turkish Pharmaceutical Track & Trace System - Pelin Aksungur Aydın (Turkish MoH)
  12. Case study: AstraZeneca implements track & trace solution - Christoph Krähenbühl (AstraZeneca)
  13. Pharma security and the new European legislation to prevent counterfeiting: The European perspective – EFPIA, GIRP and PGEU - Robert Bruchet (EFPIA), Monika Derecque-Pois (GIRP), Jūratė Švarcaitė (PGEU)
  14. CASE STUDY: Jonhson&Johnson’s Medical Device Migration to GS1 Standards and GS1 Adoption Programs -Tom Werthwine (Johnson & Johnson)
  15. CASE STUDY: 3M - Monica Kryzer (3M)
  16. CASE STUDY: USC hospital – What does UDI mean for a hospital? - Jean Sargent (USC Hospital)
  17. Turkish Practice on Medical Device UDI - Bilgehan Karadayı (MoH)
  18. Expanding global reach of the GDSN in healthcare - MJ Wylie (GHX), Steve Capel (Covidien), David Leedam (Siemens), Alex Zimmerman (Mercy Healthcare)
  19. Bar Codes will save NHS millions - Tim Kempster (Dpt of Health UK), Graham Medwell (Leeds Teaching Hospitals)
  20. Patient safety and bar code scanning in the operating theatre - Jan Vink (University Hospital St Radboud)
  21. Patients, Packs and Standards: you’ll never walk alone - Prof. Dr. Leo Neels (
  22. Invitation to Sydney, Australia 
  23. Closing remarks - GS1 Healthcare Tri-chairs - Grant Hodgkins (Alcon Labs)
  24. Ask the Traceability expert - Tom Pereboom (University Medical Center Utrecht), Stephan Roos (Synthes), Justin Bitter (University Medical Center Nijmegen)
  25. Ask the eCommerce expert - Cor Edelenbos (Alliance Healthcare), Mark Venema (Brocacef), Wouter Feenstra (Academic Medical Center Amsterdam)
  26. Ask the GS1 DataMatrix expert - Chuck Biss (GS1 Global Office)
  27. UDI Code - Getting ready for implementation – Jackie Elkin (Medtronic), Jean Sargent (USC Hospital), Jay Crowley (US FDA), Volker Zeinar (B. Braun)
  28. Pharma @ the point of care - Nicolas Florin (GS1 Switzerland), Tim Marsh (Pfizer), Feargal Mc Groarty (St James Hospital), Bertil Lenderink (Dutch Association of Hospital Pharmacists), Nilson Malta (Einstein Hospital)
  29. Ask the EHR/HL7 experts - Michael Tan (Nictiz)
  30. Ask the direct part marking expert - Georg Keller (B.Braun)
  31. Pharma Traceability - Mark Davison (Blue Sphere Health), François-Xavier Lery (EDQM), Peggy Staver (Pfizer), Grant Courtney (GSK)
  32. UDI Database - Tom Werthwine (Johnson & Johnson), Jay Crowley (US FDA), Mark Wasmuth (GMDN), Jean Sargent (USC Hospital), Peter Tomicki (GE Healthcare), Steve Robba (SA2 Worldsync)
  33. Product Information Management & Supply Chain Integration (SRC-PDM)
  34. Improvement of Patient Safety in the Operation Room - Business Case Deventer Hospital (Type2Solutions)
  35. GS1 Standard Management System - Create and manage GLN GTIN SSCC GS1-Label (Type2Solutions)
  36. Remove the Garbage - Improve your master data with the Data Quality Monitor (Type2Solutions)