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Border procedure management

Managing the flow of goods across land and sea borders poses major challenges as well as growing security concerns for government agencies and businesses.

How does it work?

Creating smoother transitions at borders

Any imported container or pallet could potentially threaten consumer safety because of counterfeiting, smuggling, infestation or terrorism. But which are the shipments to target for screening by customs officials?

Our standards provide clear information about your products to help border officials speed up their evaluations. They can view data from any point in your supply chain and use it to make prompt and well-informed decisions about where best to focus their time and attention.

Benefits of our standards

  • Makes information about your products highly visible as they travel across global supply chains to international borders
  • Enables customs to do their job quickly by sharing data with all interested parties
  • Helps customs to verify that products and players in the supply chain are genuine and legal
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