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Smart Consumer app enables Indian Government to provide product information to consumers

Today's consumer expects reliable and complete product information.  Beyond what is printed on the label, they want to know about ingredients, quality, calories, recipes and more. However, in the absence of a standardised way to store and exchange both B2B (e.g. product dimensions, weights etc.) and B2C (e.g. ingredients, recipes etc.) information between brand owners and retailers, it is a challenge to meet this growing demand for product data. To address this need, GS1 India has developed DataKart - an online cloud-based service. DataKart enables seamless upload, storage and distribution of B2B and B2C information between brand owners and retailers, which can then be leveraged to meet data needs across multiple channels. 


The Department launched the Smart Consumer mobile app (powered by GS1 India’s DataKart service) on Dec 24. Key characteristics of the app are:

  • It provides product attribute information such as product name, manufacturer details, month & year of manufacture, sale price (MRP), net content and consumer care details to submit complaints.
  • Consumers can register complaints and they are visible to the Government and the manufacturer.
  • As the app is promoted by the Govt., it has the potential to reach over a billion people. This is a huge incentive for manufacturers to implement GS1 barcodes and upload their data to DataKart.

The Indian Department of Consumer Affairs’ key objective is to:

  • Protect consumer safety and rights an empower consumers with key information about products and their manufacturers.
  • Help consumers make informed choices and facilitate a connection with manufactures in case of complaints.
  • Provide both product attributes and consumer care information to consumers through their mobile phones

Through product barcode scanning via smart phones consumers can easily access products’ information digitally.

As the GS1 barcode provides unique and universal product identification, it can facilitate accurate correlation of products to their manufacturers. 

As GS1 India’s DataKart service captures both company and product attribute information, populated directly by manufacturers, it could easily power the app developed by the Department. 

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