The Global Language of Business
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Rothex is an Argentinian company that produces, packages and distributes eggs. The company wanted to develop a significantly improved traceability system for its storage and distribution processes. Yet, a major challenge was how to determine the batch size. Since many farms supply Rothex with eggs, they tend to be in heterogeneous quantities that generate a mixed distribution of eggs in differently-sized trays.

To solve this issue and improve its stock handling system, Rothex turned to GS1 standards to help track and trace its egg products. Now, the Rothex traceability system leverages GS1 standards to uniquely identify the eggs by lot/farm and pallet. Each pallet of multiple lots of eggs is identified with a GS1 Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) that in encoded with the lot identifiers in a GS1-128 barcode. By scanning the barcode, the company can easily identify the different lots or farms from which the eggs came.

Rothex has realised multiple benefits from its new traceability system. For example, the company has lowered administration costs due to reduced time associated with searching for information. They can also easily locate egg products with an improved stock management system. With the exchange and integration of knowledge during the traceability project, global teamwork has resulted with a new work culture and ways of working together.

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