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The new GPC Browser has arrived! Please preview the new search service below:

New features include:

  • Improved searches
  • Updated translations
  • GPC publication formats revised* (XML,XLSX) and new (JSON)

*Please note the legacy GPC outputs up to the May 2021 publication will remain online through June 2022 to give membership time to transition.

Oxford English is the reference language for all GS1 standards including GPC. To support GPC adoption around the world, some Member Organisations have created translated versions. The online version of these translations can be accessed from the GPC Online Browser. To access the translated files, please click the publication below to download the zipped file. If you have any questions about the translations, please use the contact information provided for each language.

Important Note: The November 2020 Publication is currently synchronised with GDSN.

Language GS1 MO Contact Downloads
Arabic GS1 Jordan Contact GS1 Jordan
Bulgarian GS1 Bulgaria Dec 2017
Chinese GS1 China Contact GS1 China
Czech GS1 Czech Republic Nov 2020
Danish GS1 Denmark Jun 2015
Dutch GS1 Netherlands Nov 2020
Finnish GS1 Finland Jun 2017
French GS1 France Nov 2020
German GS1 Germany Nov 2020
Greek GS1 Greece Contact GS1 Greece
Hungarian GS1 Hungary Contact GS1 Hungary
Italian GS1 Italy Dec 2019
Japanese GS1 Japan Dec 2017
Latvian GS1 Latvia Dec 2019
Macedonian GS1 Macedonia Contact GS1 Macedonia
Norwegian GS1 Norway Nov 2020
Persian GS1 Iran Dec 2015
Polish GS1 Poland Jun 2020
Portuguese GS1 Brasil Jun 2017
Romanian GS1 Romania Contact GS1 Romania
Russian GS1 Russia Nov 2020
Serbian GS1 Serbia Dec 2019
Spanish (Mexico) GS1 Mexico Dec 2017
Swedish GS1 Sweden Dec 2019
Turkish GS1 Turkey Contact GS1 Turkey

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