The Global Language of Business

2.3 Impact of a GLN change on other GLNs

GLNs are used to uniquely identify one party/location from another. As a result, a change or discontinuation to one GLN SHALL NOT require another GLN to be changed or have its use discontinued if nothing has been otherwise modified.

2.3 Impact of a GLN change on other GLNs - Image 0 Important: If a change occurs that may affect multiple GLNs, all impacted GLNs SHALL be assessed independently based on the GLN Management Rules. (e.g., merger or split) Other changes to GS1 Company Prefix or individual GS1 identification key licensing status SHALL be assessed based on GS1 General Specifications section 1.6 Allocation. GS1 Company Prefix or GS1 identification key licensees SHOULD refer to GS1 Member Organisations for details specific to their licences.

Example 1:

GS1 Garden Company dissolved their legal entity and then formed a new legal entity under a different framework. As a result, their legal entity GLN must change. A new GLN is allocated to the newly formed legal entity. All pre-existing GLNs that GS1 Garden Company had in use are reassociated to the new GLN identifying Dal Giardino as a legal entity. The pre-existing GLNs do not need to be discontinued or changed.

Figure 27 Update to GLN example 1

2.3 Impact of a GLN change on other GLNs - Image 1

Example 2:

A company has three GLNs allocated: GLN A identifies a legal entity, GLN B identifies a warehouse, and GLN C identifies an accounting department.

The company makes a change which requires them to change GLN B. No changes occurred to the GS1 Company Prefix licensing. GLNs A and C remain the same because the modifications only impact GLN B.

Figure 28 Update to GLN example 2

2.3 Impact of a GLN change on other GLNs - Image 2

2.3.1 Impact to GLN extension component

GLN extension components only have meaning when associated to a GLN identifying a physical location. A GLN extension component SHALL only be used internally by an organisation or through mutual agreement between partners to identify a sub-location on or within the location of the GLN identifying the physical location. See section for details. Discontinuation of a GLN automatically discontinues the associated GLN extension component(s). When a sub-location associated to a discontinued GLN extension component needs to be identified within a new physical location, it would need to be allocated a new GLN or reassociated to a new GLN.


GLN H was discontinued as the result of a building remodel that modified the physical location. As a result, the GLN extension components that were associated to GLN H were also made inactive. The shelf slots remained relevant to the new space, so the GLN extension components were reassociated with GLN K.

Figure 29 Update to GLN and GLN extension components

2.3 Impact of a GLN change on other GLNs - Image 3

*EC is used to represent GLN extension component in Figure 2‑9

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