The Global Language of Business

4.1 Writing user-interface messaging

User Experience (UX) text appears throughout the user interface of online GS1 services and solutions. The UX sentences or text you write should have:

Scannable: Readability of the sentence on first glance

Front-loaded: The point is conveyed at the start of the sentence

Low Cognitive load: The reader does not use much of working memory


- Correct: Describes differentiating characteristics in terms of flavour, fragrance or taste of the same brand and size. For example, `still´ or `sparkling´ for drinks.

- Incorrect: Covers the distinguishing characteristics that differentiate products with the same brand and size including such things as the flavour, fragrance or taste. ‘Still or sparkling’ is a specific example for drinks.

4.1 Writing user-interface messaging - Image 0

Figure 41 Example of a user interface for Activate

4.1.1 Screen element names and usage

All User interface element names must be formatted in bold, especially in procedural steps.

From the Order type drop-down, select Online.

From the Orders page, click Confirm.

From the Packaged orders page, select the Gift wrap checkbox, and then click Ok.

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