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What needs to happen with my GLN?

Welcome to the GS1 GLN Decision-Support Tool.
Use it to understand when a new GLN is needed and what actions are required when changes occur to your parties or locations.

Guiding Principles for making good decisions

At least one of the following guiding principles must apply for a GLN change to be required

Does a stakeholder need to distinguish the changed or new party/location from previous/current party/location?
Is there a regulatory/liability disclosure requirement by the stakeholder?
Is there a substantial impact to the supply chain (e.g., where (or to/from whom) the product is shipped, stored and/or received)?
Important Information
  • As always, it is important to maintain awareness of regulations that may require that a GLN change (whether locally, nationally or regionally).
  • The GLN Management Rules represents the minimum GLN changes that industry has decided upon. Please be advised that there may be regulation(s) in your market that are more stringent and SHALL be adhered to.
  • All local legal and regulatory requirements supersede the GLN Management Rules.
  • When a single GLN is used to identify a combination of legal entity, function, physical location, and digital location the GLN Management Rules applicable to all parties and locations identified apply. This means that if a GLN is used to identify a legal entity and a physical location, changes only impacting the physical location can result in a new GLN being required for both pieces.
  • When a sub-location associated to a discontinued GLN extension component needs to be identified within a new physical location, it would need to be allocated a new GLN or reassociated to a new GLN.
    Click here to learn more about the use of GLN extension components
Additional Resources

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