Traceability Case Studies

See top success stories from around the world and learn how businesses are using GS1 standards for traceability.


The Gottsegen György Hungarian Institute of Cardiology has always been a pioneer in the introduction and adoption of new surgical techniques and modern devices.

The Valle del Lili Foundation (Valle del Lili) was founded on the principle of patient safety based on compliance with the five rights of medication administration—the right patient, the right drug, the right dose, the right route and the right ti

Falsified medicines pose a serious health risk to patients. The European Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD), which had to be implemented by February 2019, aims to eliminate this risk.

The Turkish Pharmaceutical Track-and-Trace System (ITS) is the infrastructure constructed to track and trace all units of a pharmaceutical product in Turkey.

Since 2014, the University of Fukui Hospital (Fukui Hospital) had focused on the cost-effective management of its surgical operations by using GS1 standards.

Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust was challenged with tracking its mobile medical devices, spending unnecessary time to manually locate them while not focusing on their primary duties or, worse yet, not caring for patients.

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