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Turkish pharmaceutical track and trace system

The Turkish Pharmaceutical Track-and-Trace System (ITS) is the infrastructure constructed to track and trace all units of a pharmaceutical product in Turkey. Uniquely identifying the drugs with a GS1 Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) and a serial number held in a GS1 DataMatrix barcode enables the tracking of each drug unit as it travels across the supply chain; the barcode is scanned at each step by supply chain stakeholders that physically handle the product. That data is then captured and sent to the ITS database. The data captured provides a Chain of Custody or Chain of Ownership (CoC/CoO) of the product (also known as its pedigree).

ITS was the first successful application of a “Pharmaceutical Track and Trace System” in the world and is designed to track the location of every drug unit to ensure the reliable supply of drugs to patients. The sale of counterfeit drugs, reimbursement fraud, drug theft and barcode scams are therefore made more difficult.

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