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The GS1 SmartSearch standard allows businesses to benefit from:

  • Better search results for consumers to find the products and information they need.
  • Greater visibility of their products in online searches.
  • Improved, accurate online product information.
  • Shared product information via consumer-facing mobile devices and websites, which ultimately drive sales.

Further information and support tools for the GS1 SmartSearch are available.

This site documents one technical aspect of GS1 SmartSearch - the GS1 Web Vocabulary. The initial focus of the GS1 Web Vocabulary is consumer facing properties for clothing, shoes, food beverage/tobacco and properties common to all products. Food/Beverage/Tobacco properties will include properties related to EU 1169 as defined in the GDSN and GS1 Source Standards. In addition, the vocabulary includes the definition of parties and of a product offer (a product offered by a party for a price). Properties and their definitions come from existing GS1 standards including GDSN, GS1 Source and GPC. Exceptions to this rule include the definition of Offer which does not exist in any of the above standards.




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All Link Types for GS1 Digital Link

Link TypeDescription
gs1:activityIdeasA link to ideas for using the product, particularly with children.
gs1:allergenInfoA link to a description of the allergens in the product.
gs1:brandHomepageClinicalA link to a brand presence aimed at clinical professionals.
gs1:brandHomepagePatientA link to a brand presence aimed at patients.
gs1:certificationInfoA link to certification information about the product.
gs1:consumerHandlingStorageInfoA link to information about safe handling and storage of the product.
gs1:epcisA link to an EPCIS repository of visibility event data.
gs1:epilA link to an electronic patient information leaflet.
gs1:faqsA link to a set of frequently asked questions.
gs1:handledByUsed when one resolver redirects all request URIs that match a given pattern without further processing, such as from GS1 to a brand-operated service. See section 7.7.1 of the Digital Link standard, version 1.1.
gs1:hasRetailersA link to a list of retailers for this item
gs1:ingredientsInfoA link to facts about the product's ingredients.
gs1:instructionsA link to instructions related to the item, such as assembly instructions, usage tips etc.
gs1:leaveReviewA link through which a review can be added.
gs1:masterDataA link to a source of structured master data for the entity. This is typically for B2B applications.
gs1:nutritionalInfoA link to nutritional facts about the product.
gs1:pipA link to information specifically about the identified item, typically operated by the brand owner or a retailer of the product and aimed at consumers. It may include links to further information, product description, specifications etc.
gs1:productSustainabilityInfoA link to information about the product's sustainability of manufacture, recycling information etc.
gs1:promotionA link to a promotion for the product.
gs1:purchaseSuppliesOrAccessoriesA link to information about where supplies or accessories for the item can be purchased or ordered.
gs1:quickStartGuideA link to a description of the key features needed to be understood to begin using the item.
gs1:recallStatusA link to information about whether the product has been recalled or not, typically an API.
gs1:recipeInfoA link to a recipe website for the product.
gs1:registerProductA link to an entry point for registering ownership of a product including for warranty purposes.
gs1:relatedVideoA link to any video, or document that has an embedded video, that describes or relates to the identified item in some way.
gs1:reviewA link to reviews of the product or service.
gs1:safetyInfoA link to safety information about the item
gs1:serviceInfoA link to service or maintenance instructions for the item.
gs1:smartLabelA link to the product's SmartLabel page.
gs1:smpcA link to Summary Product Characteristics. To be used specifically when linking to information for healthcare professionals.
gs1:socialMediaA link to a social media channel. The title will typically be replaced by the name of the channel.
gs1:supportA link to a source of support such as a helpdesk, chat support, email etc.
gs1:traceabilityA link to traceability information about the product (includes track & trace).
gs1:tutorialA link to a tutorial or set of tutorials, such as online classes, how-to videos etc.
gs1:verificationServiceA link to a GS1 Lightweight Messaging Service for verifying the status of a product and its identifier .
gs1:whatsInTheBoxA link to a description of all the individual items in a packaged item.

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