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Scan4Transport is a global standard for encoding transport data on a Logistics Label. The standard supports companies across the transport process including first mile, sortation and last mile activities and enables them to keep pace with the growing needs of their customers.

Benefits of Scan4Transport standard to industry

  • Improves first and last mile processes through the capture of essential information relating to the transport task from the barcode on the transport label (e.g. when the freight is handled and scanned before the electronic instructions have been received)
  • Enhances sortation through the capture of granular address information including street from the barcode on the transport label
  • Provides visibility of transport task requirements even if the remote IT systems are unavailable for look-up
  • Improved efficiency and interoperability across industry through a standard label across the entire supply chain
  • Leads to smoother processes and greater customer satisfaction

Call for pilot Participants

If you'd like to take part in a pilot program implementing these standards please view the pilot flyer and contact us.

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