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The GS1 Web Vocabulary collects terms defined in various GS1 standards and data systems and made available for general use following Linked Data principles. It is designed as an extension to and, where relevant, mappings and relationships arising from that vocabulary are made explicit.

The initial focus of the GS1 Web Vocabulary is consumer-facing properties for clothing, shoes, food beverage/tobacco and properties common to all products.

This includes properties related to EU 1169 as defined in the GDSN and GS1 Source Standards. In addition, the vocabulary includes the definition of parties and of a product offer (a product offered by a party for a price). Properties and their definitions come from existing GS1 standards including GDSN, GS1 Source and GPC. Exceptions to this rule include the definition of Offer which does not exist in any of the above standards.

New terms are developed and ratified according to the Global Standards Management Process. Terms may be suggested and commented on in the vocabulary’s GitHub repository .

The GS1 Web Vocabulary was originally developed as the primary output of the GS1 SmartSearch standard but it now fulfils a broader remit. The GS1 SmartSearch standard enables businesses to benefit from:

  • More accurate search results for consumers to find the products and information they need.
  • A lower bounce rate, i.e. people landing on a page and immediately navigating away as it's not relevant to them.
  • Improved conversion rate from visits to sales.
  • Improved, accurate online product information.
  • Shared product information via consumer-facing mobile devices and websites, which ultimately drive sales.

Further information and support tools for the GS1 SmartSearch are available.

The GS1 Digital Link standard makes it possible to express any set of GS1 identifiers as a Web URI and therefore the identified item can be the subject of machine-readable facts and assertions made about it. The GS1 Web Vocabulary includes the link types used in GS1 Digital Link to annotate links to related resources, such as product information pages, instruction manuals, related videos, certification information, brand owner APIs, traceability information and more.

Terms from Scan4Transport cover extended address information suitable for deliveries, especially 'last mile' deliveries.




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BFABiological Farmers of AustraliaBiological Farmers of Australia
BIOLANDBiolandBioland: The leading organic farmers' association in Germany for the economy of organic-based businesses without synthetic pesticides and synthetic chemical nitrogen fertilizer. The animals are kept humanely and processed food carefully. This provides an environmentally sound and sustainable food production.
DEMETER_BUNDDemeter-BundThe Demeter movement as an entrepreneurial network promotes the development of bio-dynamic economy, to secure the livelihoods of the world and to strengthen the positive people in his ministry. In cooperation contribute producers, processors, traders and consumers in partnership to shape the market.
DEMETER_INTERNATIONALDemeter InternationalDemeter International Demeter-International e. V. is a non profit organisation and its member organisations work together in the spirit of an international confederation with democratic principles. Membership requires a functioning Demeter certification programme. Same as GS1 Code 16
ECOLANDEcolandEcoland is a membership organisation whose members elect a governing Board which is responsible for the design and implementation of the organic certification system.
ECOVINEcovinECOVIN Federation Organic Viticulture Association: ECOVIN largest merger in 1985 as ecologically-working wine estates in Germany was founded. Approximately 220 member companies currently manage 1,600 hectares of vineyards in 11 German wine-growing areas. Same as GS1 code 14
EPAUS Environmental Protection AgencyUS Environmental Protection Agency. Same as GS1 Code 1
FDAFDA US Food and Drug AgencyFDA US Food and Drug Agency
FSAFSAUK Food Standards Agency
GAAGAAGAA is a diverse farming association for farmers, processors and traders inside.Focal point is Germany. GAA is a special design for the structure of the organic farming. Biokreis- The Biokreis is an association for organic farming. Currently more than 800 farms, 80 and 200 processors, consumers are members of Biokreis, committed to working together on more than 33,000 for organic and sustainable farming.
IFOAInternational Foundation for Organic AgricultureInternational Foundation for Organic Agriculture
IFOAMInternational Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements.The International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) is a grassroots and democratic organization that currently unites 750 member organizations in 116 countries. Same as GS1 code 15
NATURLANDNaturlandNaturland - Naturland is active the world over in promoting organic agriculture. Its members are farmers who produce a wide range of valuable products: coffee from Mexico and Peru, olive oil from Greece, tea from the slopes of India's mountains, pineapple and other tropical fruit from Uganda, spices from Sri Lanka. Organic agriculture safeguards the existence of smallholders and helps with the sustainable management of what are often fragile ecosystems. On a global scale, over 50,000 Naturland farmers are cultivating an area of over 142,000 hectares.Same as GS1 Code 12
QAIQuality Assurance InternationalQuality Assurance International. QAI is a leading USDA-accredited organic product certifying agency.
SUDITIROLSudtirol BiolandBioland Association of South Tyrol The Association of South Tyrol is the largest organic association for organic farmers having to farmers in South Tyrol and the only active in association with a national association office Terlan.
USDAUS Department of AgricultureUS Department of Agriculture.

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Organic Claim Agency Codegs1:OrganicClaimAgencyCodeA governing body that creates and maintains standards related to organic products.

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