Details on packaging for a product for example packaging type (bottle), materials, features, recycling, etc..

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The GS1 SmartSearch standard allows businesses to benefit from:

  • Better search results for consumers to find the products and information they need.
  • Greater visibility of their products in online searches.
  • Improved, accurate online product information.
  • Shared product information via consumer-facing mobile devices and websites, which ultimately drive sales.

Further information and support tools for the GS1 SmartSearch are available.

This site documents one technical aspect of GS1 SmartSearch - the GS1 Web Vocabulary. The initial focus of the GS1 Web Vocabulary is consumer facing properties for clothing, shoes, food beverage/tobacco and properties common to all products. Food/Beverage/Tobacco properties will include properties related to EU 1169 as defined in the GDSN and GS1 Source Standards. In addition, the vocabulary includes the definition of parties and of a product offer (a product offered by a party for a price). Properties and their definitions come from existing GS1 standards including GDSN, GS1 Source and GPC. Exceptions to this rule include the definition of Offer which does not exist in any of the above standards.




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Properties of gs1:PackagingDetails

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Has Returnable Package Deposit Detailsgs1:ReturnablePackageDepositDetailslinks to details of amounts refunded for returnable package in a specified region.
Packaging Featuregs1:PackagingFeatureCodeCode indicating a feature that facilitates the usage of the product by the consumer, for example a handle. Packaging features do not affect the core composition of the packaging type nor modify its usage.
Packaging Functiongs1:PackagingFunctionCodeCode indicating specific functionality for packaging resulting from specific processes or features present in the packaging type,for example, ANTI_TAMPERING.
Has Packaging Material Detailsgs1:PackagingMaterialDetailslinks to details about packaging material type, quantity and thickness
Packaging Recycling Process Typegs1:PackagingRecyclingProcessTypeCodeThe process the packaging could undertake for recyclable & sustainability programs. Examples COMPOSTABLE, ENERGY_RECOVERABLE, REUSABLE.
Packaging Recycling Schemegs1:PackagingRecyclingSchemeCodeA code indicating the recycling scheme the packaging of this product will fall within when recycled. Applies to recyclable packaging with or without deposit.
Packaging Shapegs1:PackagingShapeCodeA code depicting the shape of a package for example CONE.
Packaging Typexsd:stringThe dominant means used to transport, store, handle or display the product as defined by the data source. This packaging is not used to describe any manufacturing process.Recommend to use UNECE Rec 21 codes.

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Has Packaginggs1:PackagingDetailsDetails on the packaging for a product including type, weight and materials.

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