GS1 DataBar (RSS) - Overview

Did you know, “Food shrinkage and waste can cost retailers up to 4% of their total sales revenue” reported by Planet Retail.

The growing sophistication of technology and management systems has led to demands for brand identification and additional (dynamic) data to be carried by GS1 BarCode symbols and captured at the retail Point-of-Sale. GS1 DataBar provides this path for the Fresh Foods industry to respond to these new requirements. While EAN/UPC BarCodes will remain useful for product identification, GS1 DataBar enables expanded bar code implementation by meeting the objective of identifying small items and carrying more information than the standards and technology of current EAN/UPC BarCodes used on fresh food trade items today.

GS1 DataBar encodes brand identification and dynamic data. For Fresh Food products this means Consumer and Food Safety programs can be instituted at the register. Additional benefits from implementing GS1 DataBar include; Automatic Markdowns at POS, Expiration Date Management, Improved Product Replenishment, Traceability to the POS, and Category Management.

Imagine the ability to markdown products at the Point of Sale (POS) automatically, or to stop the sale of recalled or expired product.


GS1 DataBar deployment in Fresh Foods