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Public Policy

Driving GS1 standards adoption in collaboration with
authorities, intergovernmental organisations, industry,
trade associations and NGOs.

GS1 public policy in action

GS1 standards benefit the public sector

  • Facilitate regulatory processes and implementation by industry
  • Benefit authorities in their own services and business processes, maximising value for all users
  • Ensure that local and global processes are harmonised and interoperable
  • Enable regulatory alignment, both regionally and globally

Public policy priorities

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Consumer safety

Food and product safety is a serious risk for governments and consumers.

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Circular economy & sustainability

GS1 standards can make a difference in the sustainability and circular economy models.

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Digital transformation

GS1 standards advance innovation in the public sector, in their business processes and regulations.

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Patient safety

Our standards help reduce medication errors and save lives.

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Illicit trade & anticounterfeit

The ability for GS1 standards to uniquely identify products helps authorities in this battle.

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Border processes & trade digitisation

Global data standards foster efficient trade by easing customs’ procedures.

Case studies

Learn more about the positive impact of GS1 standards improving regulatory frameworks

View our case studies

Regional Engagement

We’re actively engaging with authorities in all regions

External working groups where GS1 is engaged with policy makers