EPC Tag Data Standard (TDS)


This standard defines EPC/RFID tag data, including the encoding of GS1 Keys in EPC memory, as well as their encoding in the context of EPCIS.

NEWEST version of the TDS standard and related documents:

           Tag Data Standard v1.9 (Nov 2014)
The latest version of TDS version 1.9 is fully backward-compatible with EPC Tag Data Standard
version 1.8.
Reference "Differences from EPC TDS Version 1.8" section that lists all the changes
which is in the beginning of the document.

PREVIOUS versions of the TDS Standard and related documents:

          Tag Data Standard v1.8 (Feb 2014)          
           The latest version of TDS version 1.8 is fully backward-compatible with EPC Tag Data Standard
            version 1.7. Version 1.8 includes the GIAI EPC Scheme that allocated an additional filter value,                     "rail vehicle" (See Section 10.6).

          Tag Data Standard v1.7 (May 2013)          
           The latest version of TDS version 1.7 adds a new EPC Scheme, the Component and Part Identifier                           (CPI) (See sections 6.3.11, 10.12,  and 14.5.11).

           Tag Data Standard v. 1.6 (Sep 2011)
           Version 1.6 further defines a new header for the Aerospace and Defense Identifier (ADI) scheme. It                          also adds a new section on what it means to conform to the GS1 EPC Tag Data Standard.

           Tag Data Standard v1.5 (Aug 2010)
           Presentation (Aug 2010)
           Tag Data Standard v1.4 (Jun 2008 )
           Tag Data Standard Presentation (Jun 2008) 
           Tag Data Standard v1.3.1 (Sep 2007)
           Tag Data Standard v1.3 (Mar 2006)
           Tag Data Standard v1.1, Rev. 1.27 (May 2005)

Compoment / Part Implementation Guideline:

           Component / Part Identification Implementation Guideline v1 (Nov 2013)

          This implementation guideline clarifies where and how the Component/Part Identification (CPID) standard               can be used. Its intended use is for any interested party in the GS1 community including User                                    Companies, Solution Providers and Member Organisations.  

          Warning: The standards for Component / Part Identification (CPID) are only to be implemented                                  upon mutual agreement between  trading partners, and are explicitly not intended for open supply                            chain use. If you plan to work with them, we recommend you read and  use the Component / Part                              Identification Implementation Guidelines per the links provided.

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