GS1 Traceability & Recall

Supporting Visibility, Quality and Safety in the Supply Chain

Food safety, product tracing, and product recalls are currently at the forefront of both government regulations and industry concerns around the world. Companies are facing numerous track and trace requirements, not always easily reconcilable. Moreover technology offers various ways of achieving traceability and many solutions exist for national, regional and global supply chain participants. As a result, to facilitate trade today, it is necessary to implement international standards and ensure interoperability of traceability systems. And that’s where GS1 comes in !

GS1 offers traceability and recall standards and support their implementation to enhance companies’ business processes and to address today’s challenges.



Global Traceability Programme

Implementation Guidelines & Case studies

The GS1 Traceability Solution provides a single traceability process to meet all quality and regulatory requirements. Coupled with the GS1 Product Recall standard, this ensures more effective and timely product recall processes and notifications. Read more Because of its ability to provide globally unique identification of trade items, assets, logistic units, parties and locations, the GS1 System is particularly well suited to be used for traceability purposes. Read more The Global Traceability Programme helps companies implement traceability according to best practices and GS1 global standards. Read more Guidelines on how to implement GS1 Traceability or Recall solutions, as well as case studies about successful implementations from our users and member organisations across the world. Read more