Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC)

The Serial Shipping Container Code can be used by companies to identify a logistic unit, which can be any combination of trade items packaged together for storage and/ or transport purposes; for example a case, pallet or parcel.

The SSCC enables companies to track each logistic unit for efficient order and transport management and automated delivery and receipt of goods.

The SSCC can be encoded in a bar code or EPC/RFID tag, ensuring the logistic unit can be accurately and easily identified as it travels between trading partners, anywhere in the world.

When SSCC data is exchanged electronically, this enables companies to share information about the status of logistic units in transit, and reliably link it to related transport information such as shipment details.

And, since The SSCC provides a unique number for the logistic unit, companies can provide detailed information about the unit’s contents, which can then be communicated via an Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN) or Despatch Advice prior to the unit’s arrival Upon receipt, the logistic unit’s SSCC can be scanned, automatically linking the actual contents received to the contents communicated via the ASN or Despatch Advice. This can significantly speed up the receipt of goods as well as the subsequent invoicing process.

Note: The sscc is fully compatible with ISO/IEC 15459 - Part 1: Unique identifiers for transport units. This is often referred to as the ISO license plate and is a pre-requisite for tracking and tracing logistic units in many internation supply chains.

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