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GS1 Mexico and its data pool community are looking to benefit from GDSN Major Release 3

GS1 Mexico provides a GDSN solution as a web-based service for its trading partners called Syncfonía. With the rollout of GDSN Major Release 3, the current version of Syncfonía needed an upgrade in order to aligned with the global strategy as well as continue to meet the evolving needs of GS1 Mexico’s local market and end consumer.

Trading partners working with GS1 Mexico have seen the value of GDSN in their business processes and operations. Before Syncfonía, the data interchange between trading partners in Mexico was a long, frustrating process where manufacturers uploaded data from one single product many times, in many different formats, for every single retailer.

This pre-GDSN experience is just one of the reasons trading partners have decided to jump in and support GS1 Mexico in their migration to GDSN Major Release 3.


Some highlights found during the process so far:

  • Unlike other countries, GS1 Mexico has practically absorbed all the impact with their web service, which is going to represent a huge savings in effort, money and time for the Member Organisation’s trading partners
  • Every single retailer working with Syncfonía has ratified GS1 Mexico’s data quality service, which translates as a benefit for them since they have good and exact information on every single product passing through GS1 Mexico’s data pool
  • GDSN Major Release 3 will allow GS1 Mexico to be more active during the incorporation of new sectors that are not yet involved with global standards, offering them a huge solution with special features for every single sector
  • GS1 Mexico’s data quality service has been working hard to be part of the changes coming just around the corner, and they’ve made sure that the strategy to offer a faster and a better service is aligned with all the changes that GDSN Major Release 3 brings


Some quotes from retailers excited about the benefits this project will provide:


The MjR will come with huge benefits, such as more detailed and accurate data. This will allow our DP to be more open to new requirements.

– Víctor Méndez, Grupo Corvi


Our internal processes will take advantage of this big change, and it will provide us with the tools we did not have 10 years ago.

– Juan C. Vázquez, La Comer