Recent GS1 standards & guidelines postings

A summary of all the most recent GS1 standards, guidelines and other important GSMP document postings is below. The detailed log of all postings, including minor errata fixes, can be downloaded here.



Feb 2018 GSMP Manual, Release 3.2
Feb 2018 GS1 System Architecture, Release 7.0
Feb 2018 GS1 System Landscape, 7.0
Feb 2018 Packaging Label Guide
Jan 2018 GS1 General Specifications Standard, Release 18
Jan 2018 GDSN Release 3.1.5
Dec 2017 Global Product Classification (GPC)
Dec 2017  Exchange of component/part lifecycle data in the rail industry, application standard, Release 1.0
Nov 2017 Product Image Specification Standard, Release 3.1
Nov 2017 Tagged-Item Grading Grade Definitions Guideline, Release 1.1
Nov 2017 Package Label Guide
Nov 2017 GS1 Style Guide
Oct 2017 EDI XML Messages Cash processing machines
Sep 2017 GS1 Fruit & Vegetable Master Data Attribute Implementation Guide, Release 1.3
Sep 2017 GS1 Logistics Label Guideline, Release 1.2
Sep 2017 GS1 DataMatrix Guideline, Release 2.5
Sep 2017 GDSN Trade Item Implementation Guide, Release 25
Sep 2017 EPC Tag Data Standard, Release 1.11
Sep 2017 GS1 Model for Supply Chain Management in Healthcare Part II EDI Processes, Release 1.2
Aug 2017 Global Traceability Standard, Release 2
Jul 2017 GS1 EANCOM, Standard
Jun 2017 Use of GS1 Identification Keys in GS1 EDI messages Guideline
Jun 2017 Product Image Specification Standard, Release 3.0
Jun 2017 Pharmaceutical Image Implementation Guideline
May 2017 GDSN Medical Devices (non-UDI) Implementation Guideline, Release 2.0
Apr 2017 GDSN Operations Manual
Apr 2017 GDSN Packaging Label Guide, Release 4.0
Mar 2017 GS1 XML, Release 3.3
Feb 2017 EPCIS and CBV Implementation Guideline, Release 1.2
Feb 2017 GDSN Packaging Measurement Rules Standard, Release 2.5.2
Dec 2016 Identification of Components and Parts in the Rail Industry - Application Standard, Release 1.0
Dec 2016 The three TIPP supporting files (Adoption explained, Solution Providers Tools and Testing submission form)
Nov 2016 Trade-item Performance Protocol guideline 
Oct 2016 Leveraging GDSN for the FDA Global Unique Device Identifier Database (GUDID) Implementation Guideline, Release 2.1
Oct 2016 How to apply GS1 keys in UBL messages Guideline, Release 1.0
Sep 2016 GS1 Source Standard & TSD Data Modules Standards, Release 1.2.1
Sep 2016 EPCIS & Core Business Vocabulary Standard, Release 1.2
June 2016 GS1 GTIN Management Standard
May 2016 GS1 Architecture Principles, Release 3.0
Feb 2016 Gen2v2 Interoperability Test Requirements
Jan 2016 GS1 GLN Allocation Rules (standard)
Dec 2015 GS1 EDI Healthcare Guidelines
Dec 2015 GDSN Healthcare Use Cases
Dec 2015 Global Traceability Compliance Criteria for Food (Application Standard)
Nov 2015 Vocabulary of GS1 SmartSearch
Oct 2015 GS1 Global Meat and Poultry Traceability Guideline, Release 1.0
Oct 2015 EPC Compliant Class-1 Generation-2 UHF RFID Devices Conformance Requirements, Release 2.0.1
July 2015 GS1 1D Barcode Verification Process Implementation Guideline
July 2015 GS1 2D Barcode Verification Process Implementation Guideline
July 2015 Healthcare GTIN Allocation Rules
July 2015 GS1 AIDC Healthcare Implementation Guideline
July 2015 GS1 Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Labelling Consumer Units 
July 2015 Content Authors and editors checklist
July 2015 GS1 SmartSearch implementation guideline  
July 2015 GS1 Foundation for Fish, Seafood and Aquaculture Traceability Guideline
May 2015

GS1 EPCIS for Rail Vehicle Visibility Application Standard

May 2015

EPC Information Services (EPCIS) Specification Conformance Requirements

May 2015 GS1 Trusted Source of Data (TSD) Standard
May 2015

GS1 TSD Product Data Modules Standard

April 2015

GS1 GTIN Allocation Rules Print Version Standard

April 2015

EPC Gen2 UHF Air Interface Protocol Standard

March 2015

Typing in the GS1 System Architecture Finding

March 2015

GS1 Third Party Data Exchange in Healthcare Implementation Guide

Feb 2015

AIDC Healthcare Implementation Guideline